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About US

Meet The Team

Our philosophy extends beyond the Landscape. We bring a Geographic perspective to the industry by understanding the importance of both people & place. Diversity of individuals from different backgrounds is as essential as the biodiversity of plants & wildlife we bring to your garden!


Leo Montagne


Leo's vision for Ecomimicry began in 2013. Burned out on conventional Landscaping since 2001, it was time for a major paradigm shift. He has a BA Degree in Geography & Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington & a deep understanding of Ecological Restoration. He's passionate about the Environment & Community Activism, believing that nature is guiding our work.




Dreu is our Certified Permaculture Designer with over a decade's worth of Organic, Regenerative Agricultural experience. Formally a professional artist, his creativity gives him an edge in the landscaping field. Working alongside local Mycologists, he enjoys integrating dynamic biological elements into our gardening systems. Staying loyal to the soil!


derrick grayson

Crew Leader

Derrick's interest in Permaculture & Landscaping started in Colorado where he received his Internationally-Accredited Design Certificate through the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. He combines his background with edible gardening and Permaculture Design to create landscapes that are intentional & natural to the Pacific Northwest.

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