About US

The Mission of Ecomimicry is to Regenerate Urban Landscapes While Supporting the Communities who Inhabit Them.

Unfortunately, most urban landscapes are addicted to degenerative maintenance schemes. The Mow-Blow-Go status quo leaves soils stripped of organic mulch, depleted of essential nutrients and full of invasive species. Trees and shrubs are often sheared senselessly, as opposed to being selectively and properly pruned. Don't even get us started on the ecological footprint of lawns!


The Ecomimicry method seeks to challenge the cultural and ecological narrative of constantly fighting against nature to achieve a manicured landscape. We aim to revolutionize the dated discourse of conventional landscaping by Consulting the Genius of nature to guide our work. After all, when is the last time you felt the need to "clean up" a healthy forest?


Drawing from Ecological Restoration & Permaculture Design, we emphasize long term Invasive Species Management, Native-Drought Tolerant Planting and Mulching to restore the Urban Landscape. Over three decades of combined experience, and the latest techniques in the field allow us to plan and execute challenging projects with resounding success.