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Designed by Nature, Installed by EcoMimicry

The Mission of Ecomimicry is to Revitalize Urban Landscapes While Supporting the Communities who Inhabit Them

Design & Strategy
The Ecomimicry method challenges the narrative of constantly fighting against nature to achieve a manicured landscape. Nature wants to manifest at it's optimal state, and the best place to foster this is in your own yard!
Restore & Maintain Your Landscape

Drawing from Ecological Restoration & Permaculture Design, we offer an antidote to degenerative conventional (mow-blow-go) landscaping. Working with the local ecology, we make a public impact on urban wildlife habitat & community food security on private property.

Revitalize your Landscape

Working with EcoMimicry Designs is empowering and etc.


Free Consultation

Sell the ease and no-commitment of a consultation w/ EcoMimicry Designs. Set expectations of quick timing and respectful service.


Plan Your Project

Work with you to understand projects needs and personal goals. Select plants, explore layout and strategy.


We Get to Work!

Remove existing yard and install new one. Generalize timelines if possible, etc.

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