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Where Landscaping Meets Ecological Restoration

The Ecomimicry Difference: Ecological Restoration begins with invasive species removal, native plants, wildlife habitat consideration and soil building. Our Custom Planting Plans are time tested, drought tolerant & low maintenance. We mulch every garden with wood chips, or simply the natural detritus your land provides, mimicking a healthy forest floor. This locks in moisture, nutrients, controls erosion and keeps weeds down! Our unique approach and style is what sets us apart from conventional "mow-blow-go" landscaping, which is often quite ecologically degenerative and high maintenance.


From rockeries to full landscape makeovers, We can create a wide range of beautiful, transformative spaces.


Low maintenance is key, but no space is 100% care free. Regular pruning, weeding, mulching & general cleanup.


Grow food instead of lawns, with an edible landscape! Harvest Rainwater. Build raised beds & composting systems.

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