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Where Landscaping meets Permaculture & Ecological Restoration

Focused on providing clients with Native Plants, Drought Tolerant Exotic and Edible Varieties suitable to the PNW region. We also offer Landscape Materials such as Topsoils, Compost, Wood Chips, Stone/Gravel Products, Hardscape Supply & more.


Ecomimicry Designs Nursery & Permaculture Institute is unique, in that we assume the role of both Landscaper and Nursery Supplier. Many plants are sourced from the local Pacific Northwest community, as well as our own nursery stock to be used for permaculture and ecological restoration purposes. This allows us to form a closer relationship with our clients, plants and landscapes!

Hours & Location: We are located in Mercer Island, WA and available by appointment only. Simply reach out for a Free Consultation and we will work directly with you to provide the service and materials appropriate for your site.

Resources: What is Permaculture? What is Ecological Restoration?